Multiple Servers or Multi Domain and 1 IP ?????

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Multiple Servers or Multi Domain and 1 IP ?????

Postby wizazz » 17. January 2006 23:33

I have some Questions here Please.....

I have 2 Domain names and 2 server boxes and 1 IP address....

Can we and how do we setup 2 main WWW names on same IP using a router if needed and or 1 or 2 machines.??? is it possible? i have both names already at my dns service with same ip added.... but if i use them on my servers they show as same website... one always Takes over as a main address... so no matter which one you go too its the same... i need both as a separate addresses and sites..

Example ....
one server would be this...

and the other this....
on same ip...???
is that possible...?

lol... Phew

I see the way you got the Virtual servers running....I

If your Using C:/www as your main webspace...... Do you need anything in the htdocs? or use both areas ? im confused on that...
im currentlly using only htdocs ... is that bad?
Also for the Virtual servers..... My Main Domain name is...
When making a virtualhost.... will all my virtual hosts end with my main name like this???


basically anything i use as a virtual will end with my main domain???

OK i better end this for now.... might be too many questions to ask ya....

I dunno... im really confused here about setting up a proper config file for apache... :? :?
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Postby taustin » 18. January 2006 00:31

Go and read up on VirtualHost directives. You only need one machine.
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Postby WorldDrknss » 18. January 2006 01:25

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