Xampp 1.5.1 Problem

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Xampp 1.5.1 Problem

Postby ulises » 17. January 2006 19:33

:?::xampp this finalizes version this well but has many terrible failures as the SSI tells me that this defused this it solved but the one that but worries me of all is that when I look at in for the first time I go to security I put pass of phpmyadmin and pass of the localhost but alone asks me pass and nome in checkup of security But localhost does not ask me nothing at all any That look at in control passes directly to the administration of xampp state looking at documentation and nothing eh seen on this problem me set that
in this new version of xampp there is new board of directors that is where the httpd.conf parted to pieces is located but rarely is to find a httpd.conf and dlhhttpd.conf they can be explained me as to solve this serious problem.
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