Incorrect path to apache in services and applications

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Incorrect path to apache in services and applications

Postby raymasa » 10. January 2006 13:43

Hi All,

I installed XAMPP in a folder under C:\ and then changed my mind and uninstalled and reinstalled it under a different folder.

However, in Services and Applications in Windows*, the path to executable for apache is set to the first install. How do I change that path to the new install?

* (Settings | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management | Services and Applications | Services)

Great tool, btw. Thanks for putting it together and distributing for free.

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Postby bill oakley » 18. January 2006 06:44

You should have stopped the service and run the uninstall service .bat file.
Try runing the .bat file from your new location and then run install service.bat file.
The batch files are in the /apache directory
You may have the same issue with mysql if you installed that as a service from the original directory
There probably is a bettr answer than this but it should work.
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bill oakley
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