[HOWTO] Make XAMPP free about absolute path

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[HOWTO] Make XAMPP free about absolute path

Postby jesus_was_rasta » 07. January 2006 18:59

Hi all! :D
This is my first post.
I use XAMPP from a month, it's really fantastic.
I had a problem: make an easy as "copy and paste" version of XAMPP.
I write some little application in PHP, and i want to make possible copy it and XAMMP a folder in to a PC and exec them without extra configuration.
In other words, make XAMMP portable!

I try and I found a very easy method: you can delete the physical root note (for example D: ) in the php.ini and httpd.conf files and it works!

You must do that for all the lines that report physical paths, obviously...

For example, if you have XAMMP installed in D:\MyApp\xamp\, you can modify httpd.conf file and write
Code: Select all
ServerRoot "\MyApp\xamp\apache"

in place of
Code: Select all
ServerRoot "D:\MyApp\xamp\apache"

Reading comments in these files I found the method.
I don't know if there are some other kind of methods to do that, but this works.

For me this is great. I can now load XAMMP on my usbdisk and travel with my application in a pocket! :P

So, if it could be useful...
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