OKAY kind'a enough

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OKAY kind'a enough

Postby MadPax » 07. January 2006 07:06

I've been struggling since 1 am with this thing and I am quite fed up by now. It's 6 am.| :evil:

First of all hello all, and a quick note of congratulations to everyone at Xampp for an excellent package that saves me the hassle of configuring apache.

My problem is with SQL though.

I've read and searched every possible post regarding th MySQL installation part of Xampp. I read all manuals and faq's (which are contradictory in places but you can get the meaning OK I guess)

So here it is.

Installed everything and it looks smooth besides MySQL. I followed all security related issues regarding MySQL (couldn't figure out yet where to alter the SAFE MODE ON this is required because that's the environment the production server is running on the ISP) and I cannot login with the root user+password I have defined in cookie mode in the config.inc.php file. Tried everypossible combination of host names to avail either.

Well I thought I'd try to enter with pma user and that worked but this user is not given grants to create new databases nor tables anywhere. not even in the existing two databases. phpmyadmin and information_schema.

I couldn't also find the mysql database everybody's speaking of and I am very surprised that lots of people were able to create databases and one them even said he created users from inside the phpmyadmin interface????

How? What is wrong with my installation????

Any help?

thnx in advance
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Postby NelsonN » 09. January 2006 17:36

This update has been a complete disaster for me as well.

I can't even pin the start and stop commands to my Start menu because I have to run them from within the directory they are installed in, otherwise MySQL will not find mysql.conf. This never happened. Also the httpd.conf file is totally different from previous versions, so I am at a total loss as to why I can't use my previos settings. As it stands right now I lost the use of XAMPP.
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Postby NelsonN » 09. January 2006 23:05

Have you tried http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ from the machine running XAMPP?

I was able to get my setup up and running after I reinstalled. I did noticed a lot of changes and after I figured out where every thing went it was a piece of cake.
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