Getting mod_rewrite to work

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Getting mod_rewrite to work

Postby Heine » 06. January 2006 00:37

Yesterday I've installed XAMPP-1.5.0 on WinXP Home and I have to say; it went like a breeze. This is one of the easiest and fully featured packages there is. Switching to php4 was also very easy.

I hit just one minor snag: I could not get url rewriting with Drupal to work.

I managed to get it working by moving the line

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

from its location to just below

LoadModule autoindex_color_module modules/

Apparantly something in the load order is throwing mod_rewrite off, but right now I've got no idea what/which mod.
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Postby mophsy » 15. February 2006 12:39

I get error in Joomla even id i made the switch location... i cant get mod_rewrite to work.

any help?
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Postby Vger » 16. February 2006 18:31

Well, I'll try moving the order of that line, see what happens.

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Postby SeanO » 17. February 2006 04:06

Get rid of the autoindex color line. It's totally obsolete anyway.
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