Localhost doesnt work - running on port 443 instead of 80!?!

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Localhost doesnt work - running on port 443 instead of 80!?!

Postby s80NL » 05. January 2006 18:20

Does anyone has an idea how to fix this? I installed XAMPP using de 7-zip extracter on my Windows 2000 Pro SP4 system after I uninstalled my previous installations of Apache2/MySQL/PHP4.

Everything is located in de direcotry C:\Program Files\XAMPP\ and I followed the installation instructions and everything seemed to be alright...

But, when I try to access http://localhost or this is the message that I get the following alert:

"The connection was refused when attempting to contact"

So I had a look in the FAQs and on this forum but couldnt find a solution. With the program xampp-portcheck.exe I found out that Apache was using port 443 instead of port 80 :S

Result of the portscan:
Apache <HTTP>, port 80, free
Apache <WebDAV>, port 81, free
Apache <HTTPS>, port 443, C:\Program Files\XAMPP\apache\bin\apache.exe
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Postby pasado » 11. January 2006 12:25

its because you are using http instead of https your links should be
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https://localhost/  and
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