Mysql does not work

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Mysql does not work

Postby eee » 26. December 2005 13:44


I just installed xampp on WIN98 and I am having some problems with MySql.
I can not stop it from the xampp control panel. When I try to do so, I receive a windows "ilegal operation" message.
Cliking on "close" or "debug" partialy stucks windows. For example, I can't do alt+contro+del.
The same happens if I choose STATUS at localhost menu.

Any suggestions?
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Postby lifecanbefun » 26. December 2005 23:50

I have the same problem! When i click start button everything is fine but when click the stop button log windows says it is stopped but mysql it's still running.
Somehow i manage to open winmysqladmin and then prompts illegal operation. I thought the problem was "not found driver 3.51 in my odbc"! Then, i've installed it but nothing happened.
Please help!
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Please, If you find any solution put it here

Postby eee » 27. December 2005 20:15

some more information that maybe can help others helping me:
when I try to open mysql by console, after the "ilegal operation" I receive this messages:

!051227 20:53:45 InnoDB: Database was not shut down normally
.InnoDB: Starting crash recovery
...InnoDB: Reading tablespace information from the .ibd files
InnoDB: Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewrite
...InnoDB: buffer
051227 20:53:46 InnoDB: Starting log scan based on checkpoint at
InnoDB: log sequence number 0 43655.
InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 43655
051227 20:53:46 InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 43655
051227 20:53:48 [Warning] mysql.user table is not updated to new password format
Disabling new password usage until mysql_fix_privilege_tables is run ;
051227 20:53:48 [Note] C:\PROGRA~1\XAMPP\MYSQL\BIN\MYSQLD.EXE: ready for connect
Version: '5.0.15' socket: '' port: 3306 Source distribution
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