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I don't know the pass and username for Tomcat WebAdminTool

PostPosted: 18. December 2005 17:15
by qwk
I installed:

In ./xampp/tomcat/conf/server.xml I changed "Connector port", because Apache uses the port 8080. I started tomcat. It was all right. And I loaded the Tomcat Web Administration Tool, but I didn't know the pass and the username. I tired user:admin, and pass:none, but this was wrong. During the installation, I couldn't set the username and the password.

How can I solve this promblem?

Is there a default user and pass??? --- if yes, what?
if not, how can I set or how can I login?

PostPosted: 18. December 2005 20:51
by qwk
I could solve my problem. I thought I write down, because everybody have a some problem like me.

./xampp/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml => In this file, there are a user names and passwords.