problem running ppm (perl)

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problem running ppm (perl)

Postby argie01 » 16. December 2005 09:32


I've installed Perl on my server Windows 2003. But them I've uninstalled it.
So, now I've installed Xampp 1.4.16 with the xampp-perl-addon 5.8.7
But when I try to run ppm I get this error:

Error: neither 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ActiveState/PPM//InstallLocation' no
r 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/ActiveState/PPM//InstallLocation' found in registr
y at ppm line 16.

In fact, I have the ActiveState regkey on this path, but there isn't a PPM regkey there. These regkey are all from the old installation of Perl (before XAMPP).

So, how can I run ppm without problem ?

Thank you !
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Postby Mr_PieChee » 30. December 2005 16:37

i can't get the addon to install
it keeps saying i have the wrong version of apache, when xampp says i have the right one...
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