Can not display anything other than the default page

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Can not display anything other than the default page

Postby Ciaran » 16. December 2005 01:51

Personaly I run a linux server, the onlyt way to run Apache, MySQL, and PHP, but I have a friend who liked my DragonFly CMS site, and wanted his own. He installed XAMPP after trying to install all the components seperatly in XP to no result. XAMPP is installed properly and serves the default pages fine. The problem is that the server will not serve anything else. I have looked over the apache config and placed DragonFly CMS in the htdos folder, but nothing works. All pages are not found when accessed by specific url Eg.

All I can get out of the ting is the XAMPP pages, which kind of makes the whole thing kind of useless.

I even tried deleting the xampp directory in the htdocs foler and I still get the defaul pages.

Any help would be appreciated.
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