Indexing Problem

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Indexing Problem

Postby siljo » 14. December 2005 00:23

i have a problem with xampp!
i have a site map.php and when i open it in my browser it doesent show all posts from forum!it worked normaly before i had xampp!

click on the link and refresh it several times!each time that site refreshes shows difrent number of posts from forum!

like i said it worked normaly before i had xampp!any idea what should i do?

sorry for my bad english i`m from slovenia
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Postby RoN81 » 14. December 2005 17:33


I have done what you say and I opened the site site_map.php with the link in your thread. But ich can't find any difference. I also oppened the site serveral times. What do you mean exactly? Or must I follow one of the links on the site site_map.php?
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Postby siljo » 14. December 2005 23:11


The main problem is that when i open site_map.php the first time it shows me 300 posts,the next time it shows me only 30 posts!each time that i refresh site_map.php it shows me diferent number of posts!

Move the slider all the way down and remember the last post that it is indexed!hit refresh a couple of times and you will see that the last indexed files are changed!i disabled zend optimization and when i opened site_map.php all post were indexed,but when i hit refres onli 1/3 of post were indexed!

hope this helps!

Nevermind i fix it!
it was output_buffering
Thanx anyway
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