PHPNuke Admin login probelms

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PHPNuke Admin login probelms

Postby xg » 09. December 2005 17:20

I am running xampp from one of my computers on my home network, it supplies all the other computers with an internet connection.

I have installed PHPNUKE everthing runs fine apart from when i login as admin, i get the admin menu then when i click on anything (such as "Blocks") all i get is the admin log in screen again, can somebody please help me i will be very greatfull :D
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PHP Nuke Problem

Postby winkman » 13. December 2005 11:58

I've used PHPNuke successfully on my XAMPP installation, and i think the main problem is something to do with cookies, or session data.
Try changing options in PHPNuke, (or PHP.ini) to allow cookies and session data...
(sorry, i don't quite know how...)

Hope i could be of help...
God Bless,
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Postby wizazz » 29. December 2005 07:34

Hiya XG...
I use Php-Nuke alot... and Also Phpbb....
and I know that PHPBB forum is Built into PhP-Nuke... where axactlly are you have the logout problems? in the php-nuke area or phpbb forum area? see if this info below will help you with your logout issuies... it worked for me... :wink:

Theres a Fix called AUTO COOKIES.... its for the PHPBB forum thats loaded in Nuke... see if this will help you.....
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