Need help on max connection limit in Win XP Pro

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Need help on max connection limit in Win XP Pro

Postby ejikn » 07. December 2005 06:59


I'm new with xampp for windows.
From my understanding, if I share a folder on my xp pc, only max of 10 users can connect to my share folder.

If I install Xampp on Win XP Pro will I be limited to max of 10 people who can access my website?

Have anyone install xampp on xp pro?

Thank you
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Postby cj_nza » 08. December 2005 01:39

I run XAMPP on XP Pro but simply for development (I use hosting services for production sites.) Your question interested me so
I found Inbound connections limit in Windows XP and it appears that the 10 connection limit is enforced on some capability but "The TCP connection limit is not enforced, but it may be bound by legal agreement to not permit more than 10 clients." From (re bypassing the 10 connection limit enforced by IIS) " so it is possible to use a different web server to bypass the limitation — but you will still be violating your license agreement."

I know I am not much help but as I have it.
On your comments - 10 user limit on file share - Yes
Will Apache limit web access to 10 connections - No and according to Microsoft's kb article neither will XP Pro (but wheteher you XP licence allows you to is not clear.)
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