Logging out of phpMyAdmin

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Logging out of phpMyAdmin

Postby Nyrobi » 04. December 2005 23:46

I've got everything up and running - very exciting to say the least. I've made the recommended security changes for the site and can access it via my IP - life is good.

But, when I try to log out of phpMyAdmin via a web browser - it asks me for a username/password.

I'm not exactly sure why I can login, but can't log out. The log out process doesn't seem to recognize the default username and password.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Postby Dave_L » 05. December 2005 01:08

That's normal. The fact that it's asking for your username/password shows that you're logged out.
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But it's not accepting the username and password

Postby Nyrobi » 06. December 2005 20:52

Okay, not to be to much of a shiny newby here, but I think I understand why it's asking for me to enter a username/password when I logout - what I'm not clear on is why is it not accepting the default username and password assigned during installation?

When enter the default username and password, the login screen keeps reloading as though it can't authenticate who I am.
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