How do I set up the UserDir

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How do I set up the UserDir

Postby Nyrobi » 04. December 2005 23:37

I've read the documentation on, and other googled sites. I've tried adding the appropriate info in the .conf file:

UserDir public_html /www/usr/siteblah

...but can't seem to get this to function with xampp. Is there something I'm missing?

The error message from xampp is that the UserDir has not been declared.

I don't want this to be a virtual host, but a user site under the main domain.

Ideas & comments are appreciated.
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Postby deepsurfer » 05. December 2005 16:09

look in httpd.conf of XAMMP-Apache, near line 402, there is the function for public_Dir , in xampp called UserDir

bevor use this you must change the ~ line 183
Code: Select all
#LoadModule userdir_module modules/

Code: Select all
LoadModule userdir_module modules/

i hope that is what you search
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Thank you, it worked

Postby Nyrobi » 06. December 2005 20:50

I've never had to manually load that particular module before - wow, lesson learned and thank you again.
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