advice needed for project in xampp

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advice needed for project in xampp

Postby malekeac » 04. December 2005 01:58

I have never used this software before and now i need to do a project with it.

I am to make a university database in mysql and use php to log into the database.

My first question is how do i use mysql on xampp? i know mysql_start.bat starts the database, but how do i actually create my tables in sql?

Second, ive been reading about html and php and i think i have a good understanding on what to do, but how do i actually begin making the php files with xampp?

any advice will be much appreciated
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Postby cj_nza » 05. December 2005 03:26

I have never used this software before and now i need to do a project with it.

From your post I gather that you have not only not used XAMPP before, but you have also not used PHP or HTML markup (or I assume SQL). You refer to the fact that you are to make a University database - if this is for study I assume that your study guides should point you in the right direction, if not good luck ...

In any event - XAMPP is primarily a collection of servers. It includes for your needs a PHP aware HTTP server (web server) as well as a mySQL database server. To interact with the servers you need clients.
As http client you have your own web browser.

In order to communicate with mySQL in XAMPP (or mySQL outside of XAMPP) you could use a browser based mySQL client in the form of phpMyAdmin (which is part of the XAMPP distribution).

You are not limited to phpMyAdmin as it is but one of many clients that could be used to connect to the mySQL server. You could also use for instance mySQL Query Browser from or foxysql from or sqlyog from etc etc

With regards to PHP
This tuturial should help you on your way and in case you missed it in your reading - PHP use good old text files with an indicator that is should be interpreted by the server as a php file.

You create these PHP files by using a text editor (NOT part of XAMPP). If you run on an extremely tight budget there are now quite a number of free and/or opensource editors that does syntax highligting for php. VIM from or jEdit from etc etc or one of several commersial PHP editors or IDEs (Google will help).
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mysql connections

Postby bill oakley » 05. December 2005 07:16

I agree with cj_nza.
Got to and look at the php documentation. Not only are the instructions there for connecting to a mysql database but also many examples included in the PHP Manual. Xampp includes phpmyadmin and this the easiest way to actually creat a database unless you want to process sql script files. Go to //localhost/phpmyadmin (if you haven't changed anything from the basic install it should let you in) and from there you can create a database, create tables, fields, set passwords, access control and more. Then back to the php manual for mysql_connect statements.
Sounds like they may have let you dive in the deep end with your project.
Try also php and mysql forums for hints - Read first, analyse, and then maybe ask. The answers are all there.
Best of luck with your project - the xampp platform will do you well. - watch out for safe mode!
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bill oakley
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another newbie joyning the discussion

Postby peru4u » 06. December 2005 00:09

Hello, Jos Rikhof here. I am the owner of Peru4u and I am in the process of making the site more dynamic and interactive for customers. they should be able to enter their customer date, destinations, tours per destination, arrival date, departure date etc. the end result of this process is a fish bone itinerary of their trip.

Now it is done by a form but I want to give the customer more control about composing his/her travel.

So I downloaded and installed XAMPP; the solution to all the problems! :!: :?:

So far I worked with dreamweaver MX and it worked fine. I guess I have to enter snippets of PHP code in the HTML pages; main function is write data to a file, retrieve data, change date.

I have a couple of questions:
    What is your recommendation for organizing things on the XAMPP server?
what is the path/ what should be the path to the MSQL DB with the tables "customers", "parties", "destinations" " tours per destination"?

I know that I can manage the MSQL db with PHPadmin. but I have noticed that the actual database "Peru4u" is in C:\Program Files\xampp\mysql\data

Any idea about how to access this database throught Localhost?
this is important because I want to import an Access database in the Peru4u Msql db and I have to give a path in ODBC procedure.

thank you in advance for any help
Jos B. Rikhof
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