smtp on my phpbb

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smtp on my phpbb

Postby harmless » 01. December 2005 18:32

ok heres my prob i have a exchange server on my network... before i installed xampp i had iss running my phpbb then i stumbled apon this great package and installed that now im cumming to the problem...
in phpbb ive set the mail server to the ip adress of the exchange and added the username and passowrd but i get this error on emailing

Could not connect to smtp host : 10053 : An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.


Line : 112
File : smtp.php

how do i fix it? :(
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Postby Maller » 03. December 2005 18:17

Have you tried to configure php to use your exchange server and then set phpbb to use "local mail function" instead of a smtp ?
might work..
And ofcourse double check your smtp server again.. to see if that aint the problem.
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Postby harmless » 04. December 2005 19:53

humm im not tried that ive set the php.ini to the exchange but how do i set phpbb to use the exchange before i jus put the ip address of the server and it worked! cud it be sumit to do with the web server on the dmz n exchange on green i have done a pinhole to the exchange and i know it all worked before i changed to apache setup??
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