smtp dont work with PHP4

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smtp dont work with PHP4

Postby Foxy » 01. December 2005 15:29

It looks like the SMTP work on PHP5 but not on PHP4. Is there a way to make it work on both ?

I try to send e-mail and i cound't on PHP4
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Postby WorldDrknss » 02. December 2005 05:43

foxy you know my website how come you didn't ask. I was able to send email both on php4 and php5, did you receive any errors.
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Postby Foxy » 03. December 2005 18:04

I know your site but i need more peoples to help me out. ! Also i dont want to use EasyPHP
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Postby keisko » 06. December 2005 23:00

Download & Install.. use your default settings for php.ini (smtp)
close any other appz (smtp)..

try to send an email via php..
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