xampp and sql server 2000 (personal edition) compatibility?

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xampp and sql server 2000 (personal edition) compatibility?

Postby panayic » 25. November 2005 20:57

HEllo forum,i'm new here and new to xampp as well.I'm facing a problem and i was wondering if you could help me out.I'm using xampp platform on my pc in association with mambo for educational purposes.Recently i had an assignment whice is bases on sql server 2000 which i intalled but i couldnt start the service (of sql server).Xampp is not working as well so i uninstalled the sql server and xampp works just fine. Is there a way that i can avoid let's say that kind of conflict between xampp and sql server so i can have both of them on my pc? Thanks for your time
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Postby alucard01 » 26. November 2005 06:44

When you say "XAMPP is not working", what do you mena?

Is your apache/mysql start? are you installed XAMPP as services?

I guess it is the port conflict actually, you can dig into the error log file of apache/mysql and sql server for more details.

Hope it helps.
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Postby cj_nza » 26. November 2005 10:28


for what is is worth - I run from time to time as services simultaniosly MSSQL Server 2000 (MSDE2000) as well as XAMPP 1.4.16 (mySQL 4.1.14) as well as a separate installation of mySQL 5.0.15 and have as yet not found conflicts.
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