Another time, connection problem to phpMyAdmin

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Another time, connection problem to phpMyAdmin

Postby Wick » 23. November 2005 14:14


to start, sorry for my English, I must improve it...

I installed the last version of Xampp (for information, the installer package have maybe a problem, I can't start mySQL as a service, but with the zip package, I can).

I changed the security setting via the security panel, but now I can't connect ton phpMyAdmin. The error is like "localhost or machine name not allowed to connect to mysql". Without the security settings I Can.

I ensure you that i search since 2 hours on this forum, and I'm sorry, but in the differents topics, i haven't found the solution for my problem.

Can you help me please ?

Thanks a lot.
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Postby Wick » 24. November 2005 14:07

Please, does anybody have a little solution for my problem ? or an idea ?

Thanks a lot !
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Where's the security panel?

Postby Ghodmode » 04. December 2005 23:12

Maybe we can work together to solve this problem. I think I know how you can use phpMyAdmin after turning on security.

I think that turning on security probably sets a password for the root user. By default, it doesn't have one. phpMyAdmin uses the file named to provide the username and password to log in as the root user.

On my system, that file is c:\Program Files\xampp\phpMyAdmin\ I think the correct line is line 75:
Code: Select all
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['password']      = '';          // MySQL password

I'm having the same problem. I can't start the MySQL service. I had considered turning on the "secure" mode as the next step after starting the service, but it seems that fixed the service for you. Where's the security panel?

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Postby Wick » 08. December 2005 16:35

Yes, we can work together :D .
Personnaly, my solution was to uninstall Xampp on my computer and reinstall it.

And now, with security parameters, I can access phpMyAdmin.
But I still have a problem, i can't start mySql as a service. I still used the Xampp service to start mySql and Apache together, but it doesn't work.

I think it's because of entries registry in a previous install of another package like Xampp called EasyPhp.

I can have Apache as a service but not mySql.
I think that the last solution is to format my computer ... :cry:

Thanks for your answer.
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