MySQL Won't Start (1.5.0-pl1)

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MySQL Won't Start (1.5.0-pl1)

Postby PaulW » 20. November 2005 18:02

Today I upgraded my local test environment from XAMPP 1.4.16 to 1.5.0-pl1. I did so by first uninstalling 1.4.16 (saving htdocs and mysql\data) and then installing 1.5.0-pl1.

:? I can't get MySQL to start and remain active. When I click the "Start" button in the Control Panel (v2.1), the word "Running" appears for no more than a second and the "Start" button changes to "Stop". Then the word "Running" dissappears and "Stop" reverts back to "Start". The Control Panel displays "MySql started"; however, "mysqld.exe" does not appear in Windows Task Manager.

:?: Is there something in any of the configuration files that shoudl be adjusted? I still have a backup copy of all the 1.4.16 environment and can copy appropriate files back, if needed.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom and experience of the XAMPP users.
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Postby kamm » 20. November 2005 18:31


I went throught exactly the same thing this afternoon...

Here's what I finally did to get it all working...

Uninstalled xampp using control panel.
Deleted left-over xampp directories.
Removed these entries from the registry.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\FileZilla Server
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Services\FileZilla Server

Searched for and deleted the stray my.ini file (look in C:\WINDOWS).


Reinstalled xampp.

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Postby PaulW » 21. November 2005 01:05


Thanks for your response. I followed your instructions and found that I did not have the registry keys you mentioned. (I don't run Apache or mySQL as services.) After rebooting and reinstalling xampp, everything went perfectly!

Perhaps all I needed was a reboot! Maybe someone from apachefriends can confirm that a reboot is appropriate after uninstalling.

:D Again, thanks.

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Postby curly nostrill » 22. November 2005 21:42

Not much help on this forum for English speaking users running XP pro but it has to start somewhere...

After several limping permutations of a XAMPP install using the .EXE I finally have Apache, MySQL and FileZilla running as services all at the same time.

MySQL was the most difficult to run as a service. I finally Scroogled a post from vTiger's forums which led me to edit "my.ini" in the Windows folder.

Here is the contents of my my.ini:

# set basedir to your installation path
# set datadir to the location of your data directory

I just added the [mysqld] section and edited to reflect my actual install directory. If I didn't want to run MySQL as a service then it would run through the xampp install as long as I didn't click the "admin" button in the XAMPP control panel. The MySQL admin would automatically install as a service hence leaving windows no path to the appropriate directorys.

I also replaced the FileZillaFTP directory with the contents of an already functioning FileZilla install I had running before installing XAMPP. My old config seems to work and I also have a newer version of FileZilla than that included in the XAMPP package.

I recommend using the newer version of FileZilla as it fixes a few little bugs. It's a fantastic FTP server.

Thanks for all the great work XAMPPers![/quote]
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Postby Wick » 23. November 2005 14:16

I had the same problem with the installer package.
Without the installer package (the zip package), i had NO PROBLEMS ! :D
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