2GB file size limit for the Apache included in Xampp, patch?

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2GB file size limit for the Apache included in Xampp, patch?

Postby johnation33 » 18. November 2005 07:42

Seems that apache web server has a 2GB limit.... so i went digging around some more (love google) and found this:
Which is an official bug report to apache, and it was resolved it a solution by Joe Orton, I'm guessing an apache developer

only except, its a very complicated code and i don't know where to put it in/implement it. Any apache gurus know where this piece of code should be inserted? (for the full convo, look at URL above)

Or, as an alternative, can a xampp version be released that has a patched version of apache that supports files that are >2gb?
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Postby Wiedmann » 18. November 2005 09:37

This patch is included in the official source code since 2005-01-20.

BTW: For LFS Support try Apache 2.1.x.
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