I need help installing Profile Manager Basic (membership)

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I need help installing Profile Manager Basic (membership)

Postby johnation33 » 16. November 2005 05:49


I need help installing Profile Manager Basic
[http://www.interlogy.com/products/pmb/index.html] on xampp.
I run the installer, and it asks me for the ftp address, so I enable filezilla server and give my localhost address and then it asks for the location of my cgi-bin directory and I give it but it tells me:
Verification failed.
Error: Script will need to be installed under the cgi-bin directory. I selected my cgi-bin directory under the xampp folder but it still gives me the same error. What am I doing wrong?

(And does anyone know what is the best script/program I can use to make a membership based website?

Where do I go from there?
(Please note, this is from a base installation, so if I need to set up a database or something like that, please let me know)

Step-by-step instructions on how to complete the installation is appreciated.
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