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y not hmailserver?

PostPosted: 15. November 2005 07:15
by Killerfrog

I wonder why developpers of apachefriends don't use hmailserver insteed of mercury mail server : it's a lot more easier to use, support, pop and Imap, is actively under developpement and run as service...

Wating for answers

PostPosted: 15. November 2005 07:40
by Foxy
I was thinging the same thing, Is it possible to create accounts ( on mercury ? I have a friend who want an email service from me but i realy dont know how to do it on mercury cause i tryed to send an email to newuser@localhost and i recieve nothing.

PostPosted: 15. November 2005 19:32
by taustin
Foxy wrote:I was thinging the same thing, Is it possible to create accounts ( on mercury ? I have a friend who want an email service from me but i realy dont know how to do it on mercury cause i tryed to send an email to newuser@localhost and i recieve nothing.

It is possible, if you have access to the local file system. You have to add the new user to the file "Pmail.usr" in the mail directory, then create a folder inside Mail with the same name as the user name, then create the password file inside that.

Then, you have to send a command to reload users to the maiser address (maiser@localhost) for the changes to take effect. This will also work to change email passwords for webmail.

PostPosted: 15. November 2005 19:42
by Killerfrog
much more complicated than hmailserver... it sould really be included in the distribution of apachefriends...

PostPosted: 15. November 2005 23:09
by taustin
Overall, Mercury is simpler to administer. It just wasn't intended to be controlled from a web script.

hMailServer does have some advantages, though, for serious use. First, it will run as a service. Mercury can be kludged to do so, but it's not trivial (and doesn't play well with the graphic interface at that point). Second, it supports true virtual domains on a single IP address, though it doesn't follow convention on POP3 access (and isn't clear on how to set up a POP3 account in your mail client). Third, it is open source, so it's possible to customize it if you really have to.

The only reason I still use Mercury is because I can write outgoing email directly to the queue directory, where hMailServer requires a little more work.

PostPosted: 16. August 2006 03:31
by Izzy
I know it's an old thread and poll but looks like it has been raised again in a recent post.

Cast your votes and comments and we will try and change the XAMPP Developers opinion on XAMPP's use of the seemingly user unfriendly Mercury Mail.

Though I have no problems with Mercury it seems others find it overwhelmingly difficult and as such would rather not use it, which is a waste of one of the components in XAMPP.

Seems that hMailServer has good documentation to help even those who find making a cup of coffee difficult. :)

One of the criteria for inclusion in XAMPP has been met in that it is open source and has good credentials. I am sure there will be other criteria that would make it a good candidate for inclusion in the next stable release.

PostPosted: 16. August 2006 12:52
by Killerfrog
Hmailserver :

Easy to setup
Has a virus scanner
Has a spam scanner
Can run easily as a service
Can use the mysql database in XAMPP
Still in development (Mercury is no more in development)

PostPosted: 16. August 2006 16:38
by taustin
Killerfrog wrote:Hmailserver :

Still in development (Mercury is no more in development)

This is not true. David Harris is still actively developing and supporting both Mercury and Pegasus. Slowly, becquse he has chosen to do it alone, and not for free, but it is still actively supported.

PostPosted: 18. August 2006 14:08
by Izzy
Voting is slow.
Only 10 votes.
More votes are needed.
Please vote. :)

PostPosted: 19. August 2006 02:54
by thekingofcaseys
well i voted yes please make the change i have sucesfully managed to set up mercury however i can send message from inside mercury to any email address however when it comes to sending messages from php from a forum for instance i get we do not relay no local mail sorry please use hmail server

PostPosted: 19. August 2006 06:41
by WorldDrknss
thekingofcaseys wrote:we do not relay no local mail sorry

This is a security measure, you can allow relay of non local mail in Mercury but then your Mail Server will opened to anyone allowing spammers to use your mail server to send spam and potentially get your ip/ or what ever ip you are using to sending emails with on a blacklist/banned from providers.

You can get around this by configuring Mercury Mail correctly.

PostPosted: 19. August 2006 14:28
by bluemamba
I was wondering if not better use hMail Server instead of the Mercury Mail for the Windows XAMPP.

I've tryied Mercury 1 year ago and I've found it quite unfriendly.
hMail seems more simple to use, has a user friendly GUI, is safe, VERY fast, it also has web interface for both management and web clients, and Clam Antivirus at one click distance, superb backup function, spam check and many more.
I've even manage to make hMail use the MySQL from the XAMPP installation instead of its built-in mysql server.

If you have some similar experinces, share it with us.

I use it in production sites. And it sends more than 2000 mails/day with 1.1 % CPU use as a windows server. I have no virus problem since ClamAntivirus. More about ClamAntivir ... it's 100% server stile!! :)
The web admin interface rocks, general admin level, domain admin level, user level! ... and it also looks sweet! :)

Give it a try!

PostPosted: 20. August 2006 10:42
by thekingofcaseys
You can get around this by configuring Mercury Mail correctly

Hows about writing a tutorial for all us noobs, i since tried hmailserver and got same problem however i decided to go down the SENDMAIL.EXE root so all scripts on all site send out emails

PostPosted: 20. August 2006 23:30
by Izzy
This thread is slipping off topic. :(

Should Mercury Server be replaced by Hmailserver?

It is not for posting problems that users might have with their email installations/operations. Please post a new topic with your email issues. ;)

Thanks for posting your on topic comments only. :)

PostPosted: 22. August 2006 03:02
by Izzy
We have had 485 views of this thread and only 17 votes have been cast. Thats 1 vote in 28.52 views. :shock:

We need more votes if this is even to be considered.

So please vote one way or another if you view this thread.
Thanks. :)