y not hmailserver?

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Should Mercury Server be replaced by Hmailserver?

Don't care/Don't know
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Postby Rmashruwala » 23. August 2006 08:42

I have been using hmailserver and has been very happy with it. Although I have not used Mercury, I find hmail server to provide everything I need. Since it runs as a service, the startup and monitoring is pretty easy for me.
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Postby Izzy » 26. August 2006 07:19

The vote count is creeping up slowly.

Thanks to those who take the time to vote.

20 votes now from 663 views.

Thats a low 1 vote in 33.15 views.

It still needs many more votes please. :)
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Postby Izzy » 02. September 2006 05:01

21 votes now from 826 views.

Thats a very low and getting lower 1 vote in 39.33 views.

It still needs many many more votes please. :)
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Postby Izzy » 10. September 2006 03:47

Only 23 people have bothered to vote from 1095 views.

Thats a much too low 1 vote in about 48 views.

It seems people are not interested in getting involved in community issues. Lots of takers but not many givers.

Unless there is a marked improvement in people responding to this Poll, then I will deem it dead in the water and will not bump it again. Nor will I suggest any more polls, as the response, based on this poll, will be easily predictable.

I doubt the developers will take much interest in it either being as there was such a low response. So IMHO they will keep MercuryMail as the preferred mail server. I may not even respond to any more Mercury Mail questions in this forum.

This forum has 20,361 thats over twenty thousand members. One would think that at least a couple of hundred would have shown some interest in the future development and possible improvements to XAMPP. :(

Thank you very much to those 23 members who did take the few seconds it took to vote in this poll. You are much appreciated. :)
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Postby stevep86 » 28. January 2008 11:00

I just registered so i could vote for hMailServer. :wink:
Hope it's not too late.
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Postby KallistaAEnvarou » 28. January 2008 13:13

Dude, this thread has been dead for a year and a half.
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Postby Izzy » 28. January 2008 14:39

5073 views and only 31 voters. Hmm.

This thread has indeed been dead in the water for a very long time and it has confirmed my suspicions that polls and suggested improvements posted in this English language XAMPP for Windows forum are not read or perhaps not taken too seriously by anyone of any consequence in the XAMPP development hierarchy.

So new members wanting to start a poll or wishing to make a suggestion to improve XAMPP are more than likely wasting their time posting here, but may be better off sending a PM with their suggestion directly to one of the XAMPP developers.

This very recent thread in the German language forum Announcements and News (Ankündigungen und Neuigkeiten) is what rubber stamped my conclusion above:

Basically the thread was to inform of a new beta release and a seasons greeting, but turned into reports of beta issues leading into a post about the change in the license of Mercury Mail.

The Mercury Mail license informer then goes on to mention hMailServer:
(A machine translation quote from his post)
It has already been discussed, whether you prefer not to use hMailserver in XAMPP should:

Oswald, the forum Admin and a developer of XAMPP was surprised by this license change and suggest that he is stuck with Mercury Mail because it has the qualities he wants of it, and may have chosen, at this point, to ignore the comments about an alternative in the above post, because he quite simply never mentions it, not even once.
(Machine translations are not always the most accurate of translations).

He goes on to list those qualities:
(A machine translation quote from his post which is not very good).
1. He must anywhere in the file system call. (In order to continue to move XAMPP.)
2. He must not suppose registry entries.
3. It must simply be out-of-the-box function.
4. He must also next to SMTP POP3 or IMAP.

He then asks one of the other XAMPP developers, Kay, if he would like to add to the above list - Kay has not responded so far.

Then Oswald makes a suggestion that if anyone knows of an alternative with those required qualities he would consider it's inclusion in XAMPP.

So as you can see this thread, this poll and this hMailServer suggestion has not been sighted or has not been taken into account or it has been decided that Hmailserver does not have those qualities that Mercury has.

If it's any consolation, I know that there are many XAMPP users out there who use hMailServer and are happy with it, instead of using Mercury Mail.

So please don't resurrect this useless poll and thread again - thanks.
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