Base Folder Without 'XAMPP' As Parent

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Base Folder Without 'XAMPP' As Parent

Postby jman » 12. November 2005 18:02

Hi, Group,

Am trying to modify the base folder of an Xampp installation.

Specifically, I do *NOT* want apache, php, etc. to all live under xampp\

Truth to tell, by now I've played with the various apps enough that I don't need to use Xampp, but I like the interface (the 2.1 control panel is a great improvement). I also like the portability of just copying everything to another machine (so long as I keep the directory structure the same) and running a couple of batch files to set up services.

Unfortunately, 'xampp' seems to be hard-coded into the control panel executable, so I keep getting "Status Check Failure" messages.

Apache, PHP, MySql, etc., all continue to work, it's just the control panel that's giving me fits.

What I'm trying to do:

(Using 'c:\xxx\' as the root folder)

and so on.

What Xampp wants to do:


and so on.

Have looked for config files regarding xampp itself, and don't seem to see any. Have taken a peek via a hex editor at xampp-control.exe, but never was very good at browsing machine code anyway.

So, does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

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