Missing directories?

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Missing directories?

Postby Archigos » 10. November 2005 15:46

I've installed the new 1.5 fine and everything works great, but I noticed a few files and directories "missing". (Don't get me wrong, I don't mean they are deleted or just not there, I mean that you can type the exact name in http://localhost/links and it works, but it wont appear in the directory listing http://localhost/ with no index supplied)

My main concern is I'm using XAMPP to test all my sites locally (sadly on Windows) before having them live on my server which is running linux.

If you dump all forms of index.* from htdocs it gives you the directory listing, but if you name one of those directories "links" or "links.whatever.com" they wont show up. I'm trying to figure out what file regulates this... and the "readme.*" not showing as well.

I'll post an image if it helps explain better.
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