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Cant reach http://localhost

PostPosted: 07. November 2005 15:17
by dj_rov
i have installed xampp and the installation is ok , check with port checker evrything is ok there , opened ports in my firewall 80 and 443 , but when i write http://localhost nothing happened ::: :( Help please !!!

Im running windows xp sp2

yeah i have follow it,
i have done all steps up to 7. but there it stops

How to Setup XAMPP:

1. Download XAMPP installer
2. Double click on the installer
3. Install to C:\xampp
4. Install all the service and start them
5. Once XAMPP is installed you should see a XAMPP control panel, if it doesn't open right after the install process then click on the shortcut on your desktop.
6. Confirm that Apache and MySQL are running.
7. Start your favorite broswer and type http://localhost

PostPosted: 07. November 2005 15:48
by WorldDrknss