SSL works, but the shopping car doesn't see it

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SSL works, but the shopping car doesn't see it

Postby tristanlee85 » 07. November 2005 07:55

I'm currently using X-cart as my shopping cart software. I know that SSL is working because I can type in
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and I am prompted to accept the certificate. Once I go through that, I am able to browse the site securely.

Since I'm implementing PayPal into the store, it requires SSL. Now, I'm browsing the site through SSL, but X-cart doesn't recognize any SSL modules.


This worked fine on my Linux box, but I had to switch to Windows 2000 Pro because there were certain programs I needed for school.

Any ideas?
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Postby alucard01 » 07. November 2005 08:15

Are there any information in your error log? both SSL and Apache?

More information will be appreciated.
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Postby gerrit » 10. November 2005 16:46

Since this is a commercial product you should ask the distributor.
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