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XAMPP on Windows 98

Postby rashvir » 07. November 2005 02:37

Good Morning,

First of all, I'm sorry that i can't type in the preferable language that everyone uses. Anyway i installed XAMPP on a Windows 98 machine with 512MB of RAM 2 weeks ago. I have been having major data loss. A huge chunk of data just dissappeared two times already. I need some advice on this. Is Windows 98 not suitable? If it isn't i will put Windows XP Home on it since i have another CD. On top of that i have used "indexid" as a variable and a database field. Its a wild guess but will that clash with anything? Anyway i would appreciate it if anyone at all could help me out. Thank you.
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Postby alucard01 » 07. November 2005 08:14


1st of all, I think this is not the problem of DB fields.

I haven't tried intstalling XAMPP on 98, but if you have WinXP home that will be much better than 98 because WinXP Home will be stabler than 98.

Move your Web from 98 to XP! This is my advice.

But, I am very interesting in why you lost your data twice?....

Hope it helps.
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Postby rashvir » 08. November 2005 01:59


Thank you so much for reply. Well yea i was suprised too with the loss of data. Actually i would rather install XAMPP on a linux machine but unfortunately i do not have space to setup another PC here. Anyway now that its on a Win XP Home i hope it will be more stable. Have a nice day.
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