PDFLIB troubles :(

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PDFLIB troubles :(

Postby ripvtech » 05. November 2005 17:55

Hi all we are trying to install the full version of pdflib onto a Windows XP Professional machine running Xampp v. 1.4.16. Our problem is that there are no install guides for installing the full version of pdflib. Any direction in this case will be much appreciated.

Thank you :)
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Postby Wiedmann » 05. November 2005 18:56

http://www.pdflib.com/products/pdflib/i ... -HowTo.pdf

PDFLib GmbH have a good support for their customers. So, just ask them. They have really more knowledge over their product than we ;-)
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Thank you

Postby ripvtech » 07. November 2005 16:51

Ok, so I did a little seaching on their mailing lists and found my answer,
For anyone who might have the same problem as me, all you need to do is
1. Copy the libpdf_php.dll from the bind/phpX folder (where X == your php version) to your extensions folder (this is specified in your php.ini file)
2. Edit your php.ini file: A. Comment out the extension=pdf.dll line and add extension=libpdf_php.dll
3. Save the php.ini file and restart apache (some computers may not require this while others may require a full system reboot)

And that is all. Thank you for all the help :)
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