install/Starting problems ?

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install/Starting problems ?

Postby allgold » 02. November 2005 16:50

Hi I am new to Xampp and have just been told about it by a friend in the office as i want to learn how to build sites using php and MySQL.

I have downloaded the package but I dont seem to be able to get the apache to run, when I do tick the box and press start in the XAMPP Control pannel it asks me if i want to install it and there is an error when I do the same to the mysql option in the same controll panel.

I have followed the instructions to the letter as in this post
( but I am not getting anywhere...

Any help would be greatly appreciated i am keen to get started.
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Postby alucard01 » 07. November 2005 07:51

Did you run the setup_xampp.bat?

I always suggest people to use the zipped package as no installation required. The following steps is what I do to make XAMPP work:

- download the zip package.
- extract to a place you like. e.g. c:\XAMPP
- find setup_xampp.bat, double click and run
- follow the instructions on screen and completed the setup.
- run xampp control panel, push "Start" button to start apache, or "Start" to start mysql.
- Put your practise .php file to \xampp\htdocs, and see your work using: http://localhost/<your_PHP_file_name>

And you are assumed to completed the installation.

The tick on left will install the apache and mysql as a services. which means, if you are using Windows, everytime when your WINXP start, you can control if apache and mysql start also. Checked the box will install apache and mysql as services. And you can go to control panel > system management tools > services in WINXP to config your installed services.

Hope it helps.
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