htaccess - where to save?

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htaccess - where to save?

Postby rwar » 01. November 2005 12:54

Hi. My first post (hope in the right place, since I don't understand deutsche).

Where do I save my .htaccess file? I didn't understand the structure of Apache in XAMPP, because htdocs is not in the Apache directory, so I am a little lost about this.

Other one: I have to save as a .htaccess file ou htaccess (without dot)?

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Postby cj_nza » 01. November 2005 23:39

the htdocs directory is the document root directory. It is therefore the place where you would place all files that you would normally place in your document root. (So in XAMPP the htdocs directrory is the same as in your experience htdocs under Apache.) If you use .htaccess files you would thus store them where needed in the directory tree with htdocs as root.

And yes you have to save the file as an .htaccess file with the dot not without it.
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