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Running XAMPP

Postby rus2589 » 01. November 2005 12:36

Hi, I am trying to run XAMPP as a local Intranet server, but I am having a few problems.

I have used this product locally for some time now, and thought it was going to be good to use as a server.

I am running it on Windows Server 2003, and it works all the time locally. But when acting as a server it is quite intermittent. What i mean is it will work and browse for a period of time, then it wil stop working, even though i am browsing around the same sight. And then a few minutes later it will work again.

I cannot think of anything that it could be, does anybody have any ideas?
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Postby sprogo » 01. November 2005 13:27


I am not an expert on xampp and networking but your case looks like either xampp or your server might be temporarily blocked because of the high traffic through xampp. You may try to run xampp with diminishing its features like email server, ftp server, etc..

And one more possibility is there may be a conflict in xampp and windows server. But as I said I am not an expert and even I have never worked on a win server pc. :)
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Postby rus2589 » 01. November 2005 13:31

Well at the moment it is only running on a simple d-link router with 2 machines on it just for testing, so the load shouldnt be too high.

I also only hav the basic things running, no ftp or smtp running.
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