disable directory browsing in xampp

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disable directory browsing in xampp

Postby sneakky » 31. October 2005 10:32

hello people
I would like to know how to disable directory browsing in xampp.

tkx for the help.
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Postby deepsurfer » 31. October 2005 16:57

In the httpd.conf near line 576 (xampp 1.4.16)

Code: Select all
Options Indexes MultiViews

change in
Code: Select all
Options -Indexes MultiViews

restart apache and the directory browsing ist shut down.
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Postby sneakky » 09. November 2005 13:02


I have done what you said. but it didn't work. my xampp version is 1.4.13

there are several lines in the httpd.conf file with the content:
"Options Indexes MultiViews ExecCGI" and only one with:
"Options Indexes MultiViews"

I changed this one to "Options -Indexes MultiViews" and restarted xampp but had no effect.
then I changed in all other lines, and nothing. I'm going crazy.

can someone help me? pleeeease?

tkx again:
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