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xampp won't work for dsl

PostPosted: 30. October 2005 02:48
by th1alb
hey I just switched over from AOL dialup to sbc yahoo dsl. and now when I start up xampp (xampp lite 1.4.14) i get an error that says:


when I use my IP to connect to the website it works, but if I my friends try it it won't work!

can anyone help me?[/img]

PostPosted: 30. October 2005 09:48
by WorldDrknss
That sounds like a Firewall or Router Issue.

Open the following ports in your firewall and router
ftp 21/tcp # File Transfer [Control] (XAMPP: FTP Default Port)
smtp 25/tcp mail # Simple Mail Transfer (XAMPP: SMTP Default Port)
http 80/tcp # World Wide Web HTTP (XAMPP: Apache Default Port)
pop3 110/tcp # Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (XAMPP: POP3 Default Port)
imap 143/tcp imap2 # Internet Message Access Protocol (XAMPP: IMAP Default Port)
https 443/tcp # http protocol over TLS/SSL (XAMPP: Apache SSL Port)
mysql 3306/tcp # MySQL (XAMPP: MySQL Default Port)
AJP/1.3 8009 # AJP/1.3 (XAMPP: Tomcat AJP/1.3 Port)
http-alt 8080/tcp # HTTP Alternate (see port 80) (XAMPP: Tomcat Default Port)

Instead of entering your IP address every time to access your web you can use Domain Names with you Dynamic IP Address. Visit and signup which is free and click on add host, then click on dynamic host, choose and domain name the subdomain name and click on add.

The following is my website and I use for my domain.

PostPosted: 30. October 2005 16:52
by th1alb
I don't have a router, and I shutdown my firewall plus any programs that could've caused the problem and it's still not working! :( any other ideas?

PostPosted: 31. October 2005 00:22
by WorldDrknss
Are you running tomcat, because you are using port 8080 I can access, normal web should be running on port 80. The tells me that Apache is running, also your php files work, so it still seems like an issue of port 80. Have you run a port scanner to make sure to ports listed above are open.

I do know that some IP's block port 80, so you should contact yahoo dsl and see if they block it and if you can get it open for your line.