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Problem with conexions with apache

PostPosted: 29. October 2005 23:14
by drealecs
I'm using xampplite for a while. I've seen this problem before but i avoid it. I think the problem is with the repective Windows XP. Now let's see:
1. I configured xampp, or took an alredy configured xampp
2. Run it in all possible ways as a service, direct but the same result

if i tried to conect from the current computer, the connection is made but here is were it is stop. No more data are beeing sent.
from another computer i can't acces http (no firewall).
I tried to figure out what is happening.
there are 2 processe of apache.exe, (normal). the first is listening on 80 and 443. the connection with the browser is been with the second apache.exe procces but it remains in the stage of "Established".

Help me!!

Windows XP Pro SP2

PostPosted: 01. November 2005 09:16
by alucard01
1st of all, did you stop your IIS?

In case when you start apache in XAMPP control panel and "Start" appear once and disappear immediately, Apache is actually not started.

Hope it helps

PostPosted: 03. November 2005 07:10
by drealecs
there is none of the known problem. I usaualy start apache as a service. I tried starting even apache.exe. before i start apache 80 is free. After is busy so there is no network problem. I think apache has a problem.

Pula mea....

PostPosted: 07. November 2005 07:59
by alucard01
how about the apache log file?

PostPosted: 09. November 2005 08:29
by drealecs
everything with apache seems to be right, no errors , no warnings
eaven the connection is nade but no data are transfered. I has to install some virtual machines and put there apache...
it's from windows i think. it doesn't open socks how it should be...

In error.log:
[Wed Nov 09 09:28:26 2005] [notice] Apache/2.0.54 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.8 PHP/5.0.5 mod_autoindex_color configured -- resuming normal operations
[Wed Nov 09 09:28:26 2005] [notice] Server built: Jul 28 2005 18:10:37
[Wed Nov 09 09:28:26 2005] [notice] Parent: Created child process 3352
[Wed Nov 09 09:28:27 2005] [notice] Child 3352: Child process is running
[Wed Nov 09 09:28:27 2005] [notice] Child 3352: Acquired the start mutex.
[Wed Nov 09 09:28:27 2005] [notice] Child 3352: Starting 250 worker threads.
[Wed Nov 09 09:33:57 2005] [notice] Parent: Received shutdown signal -- Shutting down the server.
[Wed Nov 09 09:33:57 2005] [notice] Child 3352: Exit event signaled. Child process is ending.
[Wed Nov 09 09:33:58 2005] [notice] Child 3352: Released the start mutex
[Wed Nov 09 09:33:59 2005] [notice] Child 3352: Waiting for 250 worker threads to exit.
[Wed Nov 09 09:33:59 2005] [notice] Child 3352: All worker threads have exited.
[Wed Nov 09 09:33:59 2005] [notice] Child 3352: Child process is exiting
[Wed Nov 09 09:33:59 2005] [notice] Parent: Child process exited successfully.

In the interval it was started i requested some files from the server
none o fthem got to access.log