Apache/Xampp lagging internet...

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Apache/Xampp lagging internet...

Postby K-Zodron » 27. October 2005 14:07


I have had this "little" problem for some weeks already, and now I decided to make a thread here asking for any tips/help.

The problem is that always when I have XAMPP (Apache is the main problem, but also the mySQL server etc.) running, my internet speeds goes down from 1mbit to like 0,2mbit, which quite sucks =/

I have done many tests on different sites, having only apache or only mySQL on, and the test say that only apache eats around 0,5mbit of the internet, and mySQL 0,1mbit, which means that running XAMPP takes and extra 0,2 <.<

So, if anyone knows how to fix this, please post here :)

Thanks in advance,

Ps. I know my posts are a bit weird ;p
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