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Why WinMySQLAdmin??

PostPosted: 26. October 2005 15:55
by brouja
Why is WinMySQLAdmin a part of the install for the Windows installation??
This program is known to be full of security holes. MySQL has a free admin program "MySQL Administrator" that is fully compliant with security and WinXP. Is there a reason this program is excluded from your install routine?

PostPosted: 28. October 2005 03:06
by guilliam
just give the option to install or not to install i guess is the best solution. thanks. ;)

PostPosted: 31. October 2005 16:47
by JoanW
Is there any reason why WinMySQLAdmin can't be uninstalled and MySQL Administrator manually installed within the XAMPP package?

PostPosted: 31. October 2005 17:01
by deepsurfer
this programm is in the MySQL package for windows (it comes from mysql self)

in case of the license of mysql ist this program a component and must be there