Creating new MySql user?

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Creating new MySql user?

Postby Sarit » 22. October 2005 14:57

I know this is stupid but.. the only thing I still haven't managed to do with XAMPP is to create a new MySql user.
On my hosting site I create a new user usinf Cpanel, and also give it permissions using Cpanel.
How do I do that with XAMPP? :shock:

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Postby Wiedmann » 22. October 2005 15:25

phpMyAdmin --> Privileges --> Add new user
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Postby Sarit » 22. October 2005 15:36

oh, that easy? (feeling stupid)..
thanks! 8)
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That easy...

Postby winkman » 23. October 2005 05:31

Yeah, it is THAT easy...
Do remember to change your ROOT user (the main admin) password, because currently, (when you first install MySQL/PMA) the password is blank...

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