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browser icon

PostPosted: 18. October 2005 21:28
by Digital
I notice that when I access a page thats hosted with Xampp, they all have the xampp browser icon. Is there a place in the config I can remove this? I've looked, but thus far have been unable to remove it.


PostPosted: 22. October 2005 21:55
by ntsmarkv

just delete it.

or replace with your own.

Page Icons...

PostPosted: 30. October 2005 10:57
by winkman
I noticed the same thing...
Do you know of any code (PHP/HTML/XHTML, whatever)
that i can put into my script to change that little picture?
(So i can have a different one for every site on my server?!?)
I think it'd be really handy...
Thanks a bunch,

God Bless,