installing on a running apache server

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installing on a running apache server

Postby sprogo » 16. October 2005 18:26

Hi guys,

I am trying to develop a web site on an Apache server running on a Windows Xp pro. I am a really newbie for these server things but some how I succeded to install Apache 2.0.54, Mysql 4.1.14, PHP 4.4.0 and phpmyadmin 2.6.4 on my PC. Till now they are all working well (at least I though so).
Actually I have faced some problems like sending e-mails and troubles in database connections (when I try to connect a password protected account) , and today I have heard about XAMPP which a complete package solves everything (including email sending). Sorry for such a long novel to tell about my system abut as I told you I am a newbie and don't know about jargons as well.

My question is; is it possible to install XAMPP directly to my system? Or I need to uninstall Apache, mysql, php and phpmyadmin before that? If so how can I uninstall or remove them? Any response will be very helpful for me..

thanks in advance
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Postby krelvinaz » 16. October 2005 21:01

You should be able to load the Xampp bundle into its own area and use it from there.
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Postby sprogo » 17. October 2005 23:17

Thanks Krelvinaz,

it is an amazing experience to install and use xampp. I installed it with a single mouse click but before that I cleaned up my system from all previous installations of Apache, php, mysql and phmyadmin.
Thank you xampp team ...
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