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Newbiee questions.

PostPosted: 13. October 2005 21:06
by noescape
Hey i am new to PHP & MySQL
I installed xampp.

I am trying to connect to My Sql data base with PHP.
I am getting below

error Parse error: parse error, unexpected ':' in D:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\xampp\connect.php on line 2

My questions is : 1. Do i need to do any other configuaration for my sql ? like installing odbc driver etc ?

2. When i open win my sql admin and click tab --> variable ...itall shows empty there is no data shown over here. Even data base and process tabs show empty data.

Is my my sql instaling is correct ?

Please help me.


Newbie Questions

PostPosted: 16. October 2005 12:50
by winkman
Hi Siv...
I'm not too sure about your second question,
but i do know that you don't need to install any 'secondaey' drivers or software to use MySQL... All you need is MySQL... (You don't/won't need any ODBC drivers/configuration... :D)

Have a good time with XAMPP...
God Bless,