manual mapping : how?

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manual mapping : how?

Postby chbo » 10. October 2005 11:17


i'm new with apache web server...
i want to use artologik/time with Apache server but...
Artologik response is : use manual mapping.

can anyone tell me how it can be done (manual mapping):

Alias /artologik/time/stylesheets 'C:/server/Artologik/time/stylesheets'
Alias /artologik/time/excelfiles 'C:/server/Artologik/Artologik/excelfiles'
Alias /artologik/time/applets 'C:/server/Artologik/time/applets'
Alias /artologik/time/images 'C:/server/Artologik/time/images'
ScriptAlias /artologik/time/cgi-bin 'C:/server/Artologik/time/cgi-bin'
Alias /artologik/time 'C:/server/Artologik/time/wwwroot'
Alias /artologik/utilities 'C:/server/Artologik/Artologik/utilities'
Alias /artologik/stylesheets 'C:/server/Artologik/Artologik/stylesheets'
Alias /artologik/applets 'C:/server/Artologik/Artologik/applets'
ScriptAlias /artologik/cgi-bin 'C:/server/Artologik/Artologik/cgi-bin'
Alias /artologik 'C:/server/Artologik/Artologik/wwwroot'

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