problems connecting via the web

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problems connecting via the web

Postby bootybandit » 10. October 2005 04:10

I have setup xampp and everything seems to be running fine. the only problem I am having is connecting to my server via a web browser. I can conncet by typing in http://localhost, but when I try to use the no-ip DNS i set up or even when I type in the IP this doesnt work either. I know that I can connect via the web because I used to have another server setup and I opened my ports on my router and everything worked perfectly. I am guessing I need to fix a configuration somewhere. Someone please help and explain it in the simplest way possible.
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Postby Get Free » 10. October 2005 08:30

your IP number is ???

302 is not a valid number for and IP. At least not for IPv4 (I dont know about IPv6)

and about this:
may be you wanted to type

that domain correspond to

I scanned the ports of that host and they are all filtered.
That means either your router is filtering everything or you have a firewall on your system that is filterng everything.

If you have WinXP SP2 take a look to the firewall in Control Panel.
Get Free
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Postby bootybandit » 10. October 2005 12:59

as far as my IP goes, I just didn want to put my IP up for everyone to see, so yes you are right. I just made something up. I did try typing and that didnt work. My browser still can find my page. I just tried and still nothing. My XP firewall is configured properly and so is my router
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