http://localhost/phpmyadmin doesnt work

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http://localhost/phpmyadmin doesnt work

Postby rikpotts » 09. October 2005 16:43

Sorry for my first post to be a problem of mine but Im really stumped and dont know where else to turn.

A few days ago I downloaded xampp and installed on win xp, put a OScommerce file in htdocs, went to http://localhost/myphpadmin and did everything I need to do to get OSC working. It has been great. Works a treat.

Then I decided to put it all on my win 98 laptop (which has never had an internet connection or modem installed)
This is where im stuck.

xampp installed fine but when I start it up the systray icon is grey and not orange like on my win xp install.
So im kind of up to the point where I can go and create a database but always get a 'this page cannot be displayed' message (or 'it cannot be viewed offline' which makes no sense!) when I go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin or any of the other pages I should be able to access (ie http://localhost/catalog etc)

All my installs are fresh, even win 98, the only difference I can see between the winxp and win98 computers is the fact that the systray icon is grey and not black.

This seems quite obvious to me that xampp isnt operating properly but I have no idea why.

Im not sure if this could be an issue but everytime I go to start IE6 it wants me to install a modem (im sure my win 2000 comp doesnt do this!) Ive installed a generic modem driver and choose to work offline. This is something I dont have to do on my xp comp but it is adsl so Ill take that one on the chin! Could this be my problem?

Sorry for the long post, your fingers get carried away when your as lost as I am!

Many Thanks

Rik :)
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Postby rikpotts » 09. October 2005 20:34

I just installed every single windows component and it worked!
Still a grey icon mind.....

Cheers anyway
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