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MAJOR Problem! Images Are All Messed

PostPosted: 07. October 2005 00:12
by JayIsCool123
Hey, im currently testing out Xampp and my images are appearing all distorted? is the server im testing Xampp on, have a look at that image!! Any ideas whats wrong with it? Thanks a lot. Btw, its a jpeg.

PostPosted: 07. October 2005 00:19
by JayIsCool123
Currently im installing ZPanel on it, so make sure you go to /index.html

PostPosted: 11. October 2005 15:13
by slappy
I'm getting something like this too.

It's weird because when I open the webpage/image locally it looks fine, it's only when I view it over the web it looks distorted.

click some of these pics to see what I mean:

Or look at this html, which is also distorted the same way (also fine locally):

Any help would be very much appreciated!