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Postby zigster » 04. October 2005 18:36

I have a site running ot the minute with a Vbulletin forum.I used WAMP5 to install all the services.

I wish now to change to Xampp but don't know how to change the databse over without losing any data.

The database is a large file around 12mb so i was wondering the best way of doing this

Any help most welcome

Many Thanks

Ps i have full access to the files so even a simple cut and paste job will do>
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Postby winkman » 16. October 2005 13:32

Hey buddy,
The best method is probably through PHPMyAdmin,
(it's the only way i know how)
open PHPMyAdmin (if you have it) or use the MySQL console (if you don't have PMA) to EXPORT your database...
Install your new XAMPP server, open PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin) and open the internal MySQL console/window....
Choose import from file... Hit go!

Hope this works for you...
God Bless,
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