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read only folder - please help out a new user

PostPosted: 04. October 2005 05:15
by lessthan
I am trying to change a folder to 777.

The folder is in a folder in my htdocs folder.

I have tried everything I can think of.
Is there an interface for this.
Just going crazy here.


PostPosted: 04. October 2005 05:34
by cj_nza
777 Is an indication of a folder with all permissions on a Unix (like) system (7 = read, write and execute and in order user, group, world).

Windows do not have the same permission system and it is therefore not possible to set a folder's permissions to 777 in Windows. The normal right mouse click, then properties in Windows Explorer should take you to the permissions of the folder. You would need to ensure that this is not read only. Depending on you Windows version and the file system it use eg NTFS it would be able to set other access attributes.

PostPosted: 04. October 2005 13:44
by lessthan
yeah....I tried every conceivable way to change it. I used admin account. In safe mode. I added every security group and set all their permissions to full control. I turned off inheirt from parent on the folder.
I went to the cmd shell and tried attrib -r -s /s /d

I have tried everything I can think of.

I hit apply and the box for read only unchecks. then I hit ok. then I close dialog box. reopen properties box and read only is checked again.

PostPosted: 04. October 2005 13:56
by Wiedmann
In Explorer directories are allways checked "read only". But as you can see: in a gray box (not a white one).

So you can forgett this, because in Windows you can not really set dirctories to read-only. Only files.